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Direct Drive Washing Machine Repair Video Tutorial


jeffybeth THANK YOU so much for your posting it saved me $250.00

carlosmaderahvactech this is a good video saves you time and money

carlosmaderahvactech THANKS FOR THE INFO

rohornback A great video. I wish I had it before I had taken my washer apart!

gotlith ApplianceMike you are the man. My washer just wore out the coupler today. There is another video on youtube that shows the same thing as yours but is so dark you cant see what the man is doing. You actually show how to do every step in visible light. This is awesome.

LargeJess followed the steps last night. Took off the coupler, and thought it was not the issue. It looked in good condition. I then was set to put it back on, and noticed one of the parts was stripped on the inside. I got the new coupler the next morning, reassembled the machine and it was spinning again! Thanks appliance Mike!

ELCCABRON Good video I will replace the center post seal on my 1987 whirpool direct drive that leaks water only when is agitating and I will sell it to a friend that needs a washer!

PhantomEngineer Awesome! What a great, clear video tutorial. Makes me feel like I can actually tackle this job. Wow.

bryanlyle Outstanding. This video easily saved me time and money!

lilanian Good technician.